How to get stuff done

We all know Nike’s famous tagline: JUST DO IT. For me, that phrase is a call to arms. It says, whatever it takes, accomplish your objective, do it within the prescribed time frame, and accept no possibility for failure.  I

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What is marketing for musicians?
A recent client received a reply from a musician who was sent a marketing email from my client’s list. The email was promoting my client’s new website and album. The recipient replied how pleasantly...
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Le musÈe du cinÈma (Turin)
Giving the finger to Moloch
My previous post described my experience with the terrible customer service ‘provided’ to me by the video platform, Vimeo. In fact, they initially refused to provide me with service since apparently...
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Boys helping up mountain2
Returning to the real meaning of customer service
I received an email a week ago from the video platform Vimeo letting me know that my annual subscription is about to renew and they will be taking $600 from my registered payment method. I give them credit...
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Phone Store for Jazz Digital
Should your website include a store?
It was not that long ago when the answer to that question would have seemed like an obvious “NO.” It would have been too expensive, too difficult to build and maintain, and better left to the...
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Business values
The ethics of subscriptions
I awoke this morning to an email reminding me that I need to update my credit card details so that my Vimeo subscription can renew. Vimeo is a video platform that competes with YouTube. Outside of the...
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Can you finish what you start?
Steve Jobs used a phrase that I really like. He said, “Real artists ship.” Everyone, he said, has ideas. But real artists finish them and deliver, or ship, as he put it. What half-finished...
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