I design, develop, and host remarkable websites that allow musicians to showcase their life. I teach them how to best use their site for their personal and professional goals. For those who don’t yet know the full potential of their site, I help them figure that out as well.

Mike somehow turned my old crappy website into something beautiful that perfectly showcases my books and albums. He did it all in just a few days which made his great work even more remarkable.
Richie Beirach
Jazz Pianist, Composer, Teacher, & Author


Form is function. Design provides a look and feel to your site. I design to reflect your personality and display the authentic statement you want to convey to your audience. You’ll get…

  • A look you’ll be proud of
  • Design built to attract your potential audience
  • A site people will want to spend more time on


I love building. Whether lego, a composition, a studio, a CD, or your website. I will build and deliver to you a site beyond what you thought possible. You’ll get…

  • A focus to build your site sooner than you expect
  • Easy accessibility when you need something
  • Watch the site while it’s being built if you want


Your website has to live on someone’s computer. I offer hosting on my servers to keep a close look on your site’s security, and reliability, keeping everything safe and backed up. You’ll get…

  • Peace of mind
  • Effective protection against malware and the bad guys
  • Regular backups
  • My personal attention to your questions and needs

Take a look at some of my work...

Scroll through the sites using the side arrows

Scroll through the sites 
using the side arrows

Helping you get smarter about your
own tech is also part of my job

Let me show you how to use what I build for you if you care (most of my clients do).

I can show you how to use some of the basic technology behind your website by building a page on it containing short easy to understand demonstration videos showing you how use whatever part of the site you want to.

My instructions allow you to edit basic text, write and publish a blog post, or add to your online store. The resulting effort you put into your site gets Google’s attention and attracts more visitors. 

Let’s talk about building you a website you can use and want to promote.