I am a life-long marketer and musician who can help you create a plan for what to do best with your new web site. Together, let’s find and attract your future fans who want your performing, teaching, and published & recorded music.

Let me show you
what is possible.

Know what all you can do with your site
You want a new website, but you may need a little help figuring out exactly what its purpose can be. You may not be aware of all the things you can do with it.
Attract a bigger fan base
There are thousands of people out there who will love what you do once they discover you.
Delight your audience
Once you have people's attention, now what? I can show you some of the best ways to communicate with your online fans.
Make the most of your social media
Social media should not be your only marketing strategy. Use it to bring people to your site where you have much more control in how you engage with them.
Set up and schedule email for your audience
These days, collecting and sending bulk email is easy. You just need to be shown how to use this important tool to inform and sell.
Measure and evaluate for outstanding results
Without measurement and management, you won't know what works with your audience. I can show you a few ways to see who comes to your site and what they do once they arrive.
Michael is a total pleasure to work with. Grass certainly doesn’t grow under his feet. Ask him to do something at 1pm and it’s finished at 1:27. I highly recommend Michael!
Denis DiBlasio
Jazz saxophonist, Teacher, Composer/ Arranger

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Unsure about how a website can benefit you and your music?
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