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As a jazz musician, I am aware of how too many musicians feel about marketing themselves. They are uncomfortable with… ok, they hate it!

Hence, The Reluctant Marketer, a 10-page eBook with tips and guidance on authentic marketing that you can embrace to grow your audience and sell your wares.

Don’t hold it against me, but as a musician, I have also been in the business of sales and marketing for most of my life. From that and from being a normal consumer like you, I’ve seen the good, the  bad, and the ugly of  marketing.

But like it or not, given the nature of human beings, good marketing places certain demands on us if we wish to build our audience or make more money.

Download The Reluctant Marketer to learn more about marketing and to gain some tips and actionable things you can do to grow your online presence.

"This eBook is incredible Mike!
What you wrote really gets to the core for so many musicians."
Bob Sheppard
Jazz saxophone recording artist

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